2 Suspects break into a Church in Fort Worth, TX


2 Suspects break into a Church in Fort Worth, TX

According to the video on April 3rd around 6am. The church is inside a commercial building at 6850 Manhattan Blvd Forth Worth TX.

From Pastor Su:

This morning I got to church a little late. I walked into my office as I do each Sunday. My office looked as if someone had gone through cabinets and desk drawers leaving them open. STUFF WAS MISSING!!! Laptop was taken, supplies…the young people who walked in and stole the stuff covered up the camera in my office after showing their faces and going into the fridge taken 2 Cokes….

LISTEN… the devil has been mad at me for a while and he TRIED to knock us off balance this morning BUT WE TRUST GOD! My brother said tonight he heard “APPROVED.” We receive it! Now Lord lead us to the place of your approval… I BELIEVE GOD and I’m rejoicing now for what He’s getting ready to do….YES LORD!!!


  1. The young people don’t realize that they have to take full responsibility for their actions caught on camera even after covering up the camera and doing more damage.

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