3 Suspects Have Been Arrested In The Shooting Deaths Of Father And Son In Oakcliff


Three men have been arrested and charged with capital murder for the slaying deaths of Irby Walton Sr., 69, and his son Irby Walton Jr., 41, who were found dead in their apartment on Simpson Stuart Rd. in Dallas on March 11,2017.
Witnesses told police they saw a lady enter the home with Walton sr. that evening and later saw 3 men and a lady leaving the home with electronics from the residence. Detectives later scanned Walton sr.’s phone and discovered that he had been in contact with a female by the name of Joy Tiara Gray who happened to fit the witnesses description.
According to police documents Gray was arrested Friday in Dallas for tickets and when taken in to custody she was questioned by detectives about the incident and she then admitted to police that she was in the home with the Walton’s that evening and informing the suspects of what all was in the home for them to take and when to come in.
Gray also told detectives all of the suspects names and identified them in a photo line up.
Police arrested the 3 men on Monday who were later identified as Kevin Kidd,18, Jermon Simmons,24, and Emmanuel Kirkpatrick,30. They all admitted their roles in the robbery and all men will be facing capital murder charges, police said. Simmons bond is set at $1 million because witness’s identified him as the shooter and Kidd and Kilpatrick bond was set at $500,000 for their roles. Joy Gray was charged with aggravated robbery and her bond was set at $25,000.

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