3 Teens Charged In Fatal Shooting At A High School Now Linked To A Murder The Day Before


More than one teenager is facing charges for a fatal shooting of a 14-year-old outside of Roxborough High School, in Philadelphia. Now, they have also been charged with killing another teen the day before that.

Authorities say that the occurrences outside of the high school and on North 13th Street had similarities.

Camera footage revealed the assailants hopping out of a vehicle and approaching the victims.

Authorities have named three suspects that were observed on a recording as the Roxborough High School incident happened on September 27.

Those same suspects were also seen on a camera recording, the day prior to that, on North 13th Street. They are said to have shot Tahmir Jones, 19, more than 24 times, killing him.

Troy Fletcher, 15, Dayron Burney-Thorn, 16, and Zyhied Jones, 17, have been named as the suspects and have been charged with Jones’s murder.

Jones and Fletcher have been in police custody since their apprehensions, related to the Roxborough shooting last month, that claimed the life of Nicolas Elizade, 14.

On the other hand, Burney-Thorn is currently on the run.

The US Marshals stated that they are still receiving tips about the high school shooting and are actively looking for Burney-Thorn day and night.

A motive for the shootings are unclear.


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