3 TSA officers arrested for allegedly stealing from passengers at the Miami International Airport


In Miami, three Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers were arrested at Miami International Airport for stealing from passengers during security screenings, allegedly.

 22-year-old Elizabeth Fuster, 33-year-old Labarrius Williams, and 20-year-old Josue  MIAMI-DADE CORRECTIONS

Arrest affidavits that all three agents were arrested on charges of organized schemes to defraud.

Per the affidavits, the airport’s federal security director for law enforcement at MIA contacted a Miami-Dade Police detective in regards to thefts that occurred at Checkpoint E that involved TSA officers. The investigation exposed that while on duty, three officers were observed on surveillance footage conspiring to distract passengers while they were being screened and stealing money from their personal property.

Security concerns caused the detective to research the thefts right away, and when doing so discovered a recent case that had previously been opened by police.

After watching the footage video that TSA provided, the detective saw Fuster, Williams, and Gonzalez take  $600 from a passenger’s wallet as they were being screened, stated affidavits. The three were also seen on “several” other occasions scheming together to commit more thefts.

After a formal interview at the TSA Command Center, Gonzalez and Fuster waived their rights and gave written statements admitting to their crimes,  Williams, however, did not waive his rights and refused to speak.

Eventually, all three agents were transported to the  Turner Guildford Knight Detention Center without incident.

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  1. Here are some more TSA workers stealing and once again they also didn’t think that they were going to get caught lock all of them up

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