4 Horses Die After Racing on Racetrack for Upcoming Kentucky Derby


Four horses have died since being out on the Churchill Downs racetrack last Thursday

Churchill Downs is a famous racetrack that is gearing up for the 149th Kentucky Derby that’s scheduled for this Saturday.

Two of the horses had to be euthanized due to injuries sustained while on the racetrack. The other two, Parents Pride and Chasing Artie, who have the same trainer, collapsed and died after their race.

Parents Pride died after its race on Saturday, and Chasing Artie died after its race on Tuesday.

No cause of death has been determined although it doesn’t appear to be injury-related.

Saffie Joseph Jr., the trainer of Parents Pride and Chasing Artie, is one of the top trainers in the sport, winning more than $10 million last year.

Following the deaths of the two horses, Joseph was suspended from Churchill Downs indefinitely. Any horses associated with him or any of his other trainers are also included in the suspension.

The Animal Wellness Action states, “The guy who’s lost two horses not to breakdowns but to sudden deaths in the days before the Derby should not be allowed to put a third horse at risk.”

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