59 People Arrested During Operation Janus Sting


Several law enforcement agencies around North Texas arrested 59 people following a month long operation that helps rescue children from online sexual exploitation.

Operation Janus is a month long investigation that was set up to catch people who were online trafficking and exploiting young children.

It took place between January 16 to February 10, and 59 people were arrested with over 80 different criminal charges filed against them.

According to authorities at least 28 children were rescued and investigators seized data from several computers and other devices. The victims were as young as babies.

Officials began the investigation after Google and Facebook started flagging the material.

Among those arrested was Jesse McFall, who worked for Dallas Fire-Rescue, Brandon Froning, who taught at Parish Episcopal and Michael A. Newhouse, Jr., who worked as a substitute teacher for McKinney ISD.

More charges could be filed.



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