6-Week-Old Baby Fatally Attacked By Family’s Pet Dog

PhotoCredit: WVLT

A 6-week-old baby boy in Tennessee died multiple days after he was attacked by his family’s pet dog.

On May 24, Ezra Mansoor was unprovokingly attacked as he was in his crib at his home in Knoxville.

The family’s Husky hadn’t indicated any signs of aggression and had been around other children without any concerns. However, it had bitten Ezra in this instance.

“You just think it would never happen to you. But it can happen to anyone, with any dog breed, no matter how long you’ve had the dog. Ezra meant everything. There’s really no words, other than just absolutely everything,” said his mother Chloe Mansoor.

Chloe reported that she now desires to raise awareness for parents to encourage them to ensure their children’s safety at all times.

“I didn’t realize until this happened, just how supported we are and just how many people he had that loved him already,” she added. “Ezra was just asleep in his crib. Not crying or anything. And she just attacked.”

The mother noted that her son’s organs will be donated.

The dog is now being held in an animal shelter as an investigation involving a minor continues.

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