76-Year-Old Dog Breeder Shot And Killed While Attempting To Sale A French Bulldog


76-year-old Lonnie A. Ray, a dog breeder from South Carolina, was shot and killed on Monday evening. This was after a planned sale of a French bulldog went wrong, authorities say.

Ray, said to be one of the best dog breeders in South Carolina, was going to meet someone in the parking lot of a KFC in the city of Bishopville.

As he had done before, he brought a friend with him for the sale that was planned online.

Prior to the $2,500 transaction happening, at least one person pulled a firearm and started shooting in the direction of Ray and his companion.

The person left the scene in a sedan, with the puppy with him. Two or three people were observed in the vehicle, as well.

When authorities arrived on scene, they found Ray on the ground with gunshot injuries. He was transported to a medical facility where he was declared deceased. An autopsy was performed on Friday.

Ray’s friend wasn’t hurt by the gunshots. As of Thursday, the French bulldog hadn’t been located.

South Carolina authorities are now looking at camera footage to figure out who the suspects are and where they could be.


  1. What a dumb ass he didn’t deserve to die selling puppy, and the stupid mf going to jail rest of his life over a funky ass dog

  2. I hate breeders with a passion …all those poor furbabies being euthanized at shelters cause of overcrowding then these parasites add to the problem … He didn’t deserve to die but he should of been stopped breeding ?

    • Man shut up… all breeders are not back yard breeders. This man has been helping the dog community for years!!! Keep your ignorant small minded comments to yourself. Maybe your sperm donor should’ve euthanized you !


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