A Fort Worth man has been sentenced to death for the 2018 strangulation deaths of his girlfriend and her 10-year-old daughter.

Prosecutors noted that Paige Terrell Lawyer killed 30-year-old O’Tishae Womack and her 10-year-old daughter, Ka’Myria Womack. This was inside their residence in Fort Worth.

During the trial, O’Tishae’s sister testified that the pair had been in a tumultuous relationship. Authorities had been called to the residence multiple times due to Lawyer supposedly choking his girlfriend.

Her sister added that she observed Lawyer taking a walk with her sister in April 2018. Later on that day, her sister was no where to be found. She called and messaged her sister but received no answer. She later found her sister and her niece’s bodies in their apartment.

O’Tishae had been discovered with a grocery bag over her head, lying on the kitchen floor. Her daughter, who was a fourth-grader, was discovered in the upstairs bedroom beneath a blanket.

DNA evidence was located on the grocery bag, under O’Tishae’s fingernails, on Ka’Myria’s shorts, inside the girl’s underwear, on a bleach bucket, and on a Lysol can.

Lawyers fingerprint in Ka’Myria’s blood was also discovered on a mop.

Prosecutors believe that Lawyer planned to kill the two because O’Tishae was going to testify against him in a domestic violence trial that had been coming up.

It was later noted during the sentencing phase that Ka’Myria had been brutally raped.

Instead of giving him life in prison without the chance of parole, jurors decided upon the death penalty after Lawyer was found guilty of capital murder.

Lawyer was escorted out the courtroom. He then stated to the victim’s family that another man had killed O’Tishae and Ka’Myria.

However, prosecutors have said that he told his uncle he was responsible for the killings prior to his arrest.

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