A Denton County mother wants answers after her child was jumped by a group of adults that were able to get on a bus from Bettye Myers Middle School


From Mom:

On Tuesday 4/23. My daughter and another student was involved in a fight. Instead of the bus driver locking the door and calling the police and waiting for the police to show up, he did not. And the parents was able to get on the bus and assault my child. Not only that but police never showed up. Some how he managed to get the adults off the bus. And, he tried to kick my child off at a stop where she was already assaulted at and it wasn’t her stop. Next because the police never showed up he drove away and the adults was able to follow that bus to my daughter stop. And, when she got off they continued to assault her. I reached out to Denton transportation and act as if they were aware of the incident and reviewing the footage for an investigation. Only to find out the next day after my child father went into the office to speak with the supervisor, that they did not have actual footage of the incident. My child father had to show them the video. When the bus driver arrived to my daughter stop police still never came out. He saw my daughter being beaten by those adults and the student and just drove off. If he had waited for police my child my not have had to suffer like this. Those women could have killed my daughter. Not only was my child in danger but that was a danger to the other children on the bus as well. I have reached out to Denton transportation and they did offer to put my daughter on a different route. But, I feel that they should have some type of training in place in case another situation like this happens. I feel that the driver should be terminated. Suspension is not enough, my daughter could have lost her life. And, I feel that Denton Transportation is sweeping this under the rug.


  1. And they wonder why kids are strapping up to go to school. The driver and the other adults need their butts kicked!😡

  2. The only time i have gotten solutions in denton is when i email and include the superintendent dr wilson in the emails

  3. Yes I say terminat, they did all the wrong things that day, there should have protocols in place with this incident. Make it right Denton. Prayers lifted on behalf of your daughter ans your family

  4. File charges against the adults and the bus system get you an attorney and sue everyone that failed your child that day.

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