A teacher was arrested after they reportedly were involved in a fight with a student Thursday


A teacher was arrested after they reportedly were involved in a fight with a student Thursday.

Sources say it started as a verbal argument. The video shows the student on the ground at the end of the fight #LasVegas

It has been l confirmed that a substitute teacher was arrested after the incident at Valley High School. Re’Kwon Smith, 27, faces four charges including battery, interfering with a student attending school, assault of a student and a threat to a student.


  1. Teacher did what needed to be done!!!! PROTECT HISSELF BECAUSE THESE KIDS OR DISRESPECTFUL NOW DAYS!!!!! Stay in a child’s place🤷‍♀️

  2. I think teacher trying back away, then afterwards he had no choice. The student was actually coming at the teacher. A terrible situation

  3. I mean, what was the teacher supposed to do? Sit on him? Hold him down? He kept coming back for more, so….you’ve got to bring it to get it. Just because you allow your child or adolescent act out at home, doesn’t mean the rest of society will go for it. School or not, hit me and Imma hit you back…period.

  4. Someone should have grabbed the child one of his friends, instead of just watching and filming! These kids today are so disrespectful it’s a shame. I’m praying for the teacher.

  5. Ain’t NO WAY on God green earth, I’m going to ANY job and getting abused! Especially for the pay I heard they make!🙄 If they were in Walmart, that “child” wouldn’t expect to lay hands and not get the business! SO WHY DO Y’ALL MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE IT’S REALISTIC TO EXPECT IN SCHOOL?!!! I’m behind the teacher 2000% even if it was MY CHILD I’d take the same stance!

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