Missing 8 Month Old Girl Nyla Crockett Out Of Mesquite And Her Mother Chernario Crockett Have Been Found Safe


The mother and 8 month old Nyla Crockett have been found safe according to Mesquite PD.
Chernario Crockett has been interviewed by police.
The circumstances leading to her disappearance are still unknown at this time.
Nyla Crockett was last seen at 11:18 Friday night with Chernario Crockett,30 in the 4800 block of N. Galloway Avenue in Mesquite, Tx.
Chernario was last seen wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans and black or brown boots.
She is about 5’6 and weighs 172 pounds.
Her eyes and hair are brown.

Chernario Crockett is Nyla Crockett’s mother.
Anyone with information leading to the whereabouts of Nyla or Chernario Crockett are asked to contact Mesquite PD at 972-216-6241 or 911.
This investigation is ongoing.

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