Another Body Count Added, 9 Dead Total From The Shooting At A Plano Home


Nine people are dead, after a shooting at a Dallas Cowboys watch party at a Plano home Sunday night.

Police said all the victims were adults. Two were rushed to the hospital but one died from their injuries on Monday.

The altercation erupted around 8pm Sunday at a home in the 1700 block of W Spring Creek Parkway. Police said all of the victims were adults, believed to be in their 20s and 30s. The initial death toll was eight, including the gunman. But one of the two people taken to the hospital died from their injuries on Monday. The other person remains in critical condition.

A woman who lives in house right behind the home described what she heard. “We were watching the Cowboys game and we heard gunfire. And my son was out on the patio. I jumped up, went outside, smelled the gun smoke or the residue from the gunfire. I told the boys to come back in and heard another round of gunfire. It was really scary,” she said. “We just came in. You know, we just didn’t know if there was still another shooter and we could see the cops looking up and down the alley. So I just wanted to make sure all the doors were locked and that somebody wouldn’t run to our house and try to come in.”

The Texas Rangers are helping the Plano Police Department with the investigation.

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