Aries Spears Says He was Embarrased Seeing Soulja Boy at the Bank with His A** Hanging Out

Aries Spears vented to VLAD TV about seeing Soulja Boy in a Wells Fargo bank with his pants sagging. The two men live in the same community where that Wells Fargo is located.

Spears described Soulja Boys’ appearance as embarrassing for the culture. He says he made eye contact with a White woman who found Soulja Boy’s fashion sense unfavorable, and all he could do was shrug because he felt just like she did. Some people agree with Spears and others are saying he sounds like a nosy grump.

Spears went on to include Black Women wearing bonnets in public in his rant.  No more bonnets and hair wraps in public! He says he might start snatching them off heads.

It would be interesting to see how that would work out for Spears.



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