At Least 149 People Killed In Crowd Stampede During Halloween Festivities


At least 149 people have died, and 150 more were injured after they were crushed by a huge crowd in Seoul, South Korea. The crowd had been pushing forward on a small street as Halloween festivities took place.

Officials say that the death toll could increase as numerous people are in the hospital in critical condition. Over 800 first responders from around the country took to the streets to treat those who had been hurt.

Recording footage and images reveal ambulances all along the streets and emergency crews moving those who were hurt on stretchers. Crews and pedestrians also administered CPR on people on the streets.

In one area, paramedics were evaluating the status of a dozen or more individuals who were motionless underneath blue blankets.

Some reports indicate that the crush occurred after numerous people rushed to a bar in Itaewon after hearing that an unidentified celebrity was there.

Yoon Suk Yeol, the South Korean President, has demanded that officials treat the victims quickly. He also called for the monitoring of the safety of the festivity locations.

It is presumed that about 100,000 people had been in the streets for the Halloween activities. This was the largest crowd since the beginning of the pandemic after COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in recent months.

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