Big 10 Cancels Fall Football Season


Big Ten conference cancelled fall sports including football Tuesday amid the Coronavirus pandemic with hopes of playing in the spring.
Although Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren released its schedule only six days ago, he also reiterated the season might not happen.
Warren also said the decision to cancel the Big Ten conference was based on uncertainties due to the pandemic.
“It’s a combination of where we are in our testing, where we are in our rapid testing, how is contact tracing actually defined? There’s a whole litany of issues. We have incredible policies and procedures in place and our schools, we have 14 schools in 11 different states. People are doing the best they possibly can, but when you go from the acclimation period to getting ready to put on pads and contact, and you look at the overall numbers during this global pandemic as far as caseloads, they have not decreased, they have gone up. Trends have not improved, they’ve become worse. You add that up, and you’re getting ready to go into more formal practice, it’s just a level of not only concerns, but unknown risks are large. When you’re dealing with the health of human beings, it’s serious.”


  1. This news about the Big Ten cancelling their fall football season is absolutely gut-wrenching. As a huge fan of college football, especially the Big Ten teams, I was really looking forward to seeing the rivalries unfold and the young stars emerge. In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to dust off my old NFL varsity jacket and relive some classic games while patiently waiting for college football to return.

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