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Bobbi Kristina’s Ex Nick Gordon Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping And Beating Girlfriend


Nick Gordon ex boyfriend of The late Bobbi Kristina has made headlines again and this time for allegedly beating and kidnapping his new girlfriend during an argument.
Well everybody remembers Gordon was held responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death in 2015 when she was found in her home unresponsive. Now the new girlfriend is saying that the couple went out to watch the game with friends and when they got home Gordon became irate yelling saying that she was trying to flirt with his friends and when she told him he she wasn’t and tried to leave he got more upset and began punching and beating on her and then would not let her leave the home. The feud went on throughout the night reports say, and that morning she went into the mothers room and told her about the couples fight and the mother then took her home where her sister later took her to the hospital. Police were called out to take her statement and then later went to the home and arrested Gordon.
Gordon is denying all allegations and says that he would also like to press charges because she was the one hitting on him. He is still currently in jail and has not posted bond.

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