Body Cam Footage Released Following Arrest of Officer Who Fatally Shot Unarmed Man Attempting to Flee


A Louisiana police officer has been arrested after officials say he fatally shot an unarmed suspect who was running away.

23-year-old Shreveport Police Officer Alexander Tyler was charged with negligent homicide for the death of 43-year-old Alonzo Bagley.

Louisiana State Police released the body cam footage of the February 3rd incident where Officer Tyler and another officer were responding to the Villa Norté Apartments for a disturbance call.

When officers knocked at his door, Bagley opened it, identified himself, and invited them in. Once inside, Bagley told officers he needed to put his dog outside and retreated to the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

The second officer followed him and, according to the affidavit, saw Bagley grab something off the nightstand and exit through the balcony. Both officers drew their weapons and chased after him.

Officer Tyler kept his gun in his right hand, aimed towards Bagley all while he chased him, communicated with dispatch, and even stopped to ask witnesses which way he went.

In a breezeway of one of the apartments, Officer Tyler spotted Bagley. Before the 43-year-old could turn the corner and exit his path, Officer Tyler fired his weapon, striking Bagley in the chest.

Immediately after, Bagley raised his unarmed hands in the air and can be heard saying, “Oh God, you shot me,” as he collapsed to the ground.

No weapon was found on or near Bagley.

Officer Tyler quickly spread false information and stated that Bagley was charging towards him and he couldn’t see his hands.

Tyler was placed on leave and following an affidavit for an arrest warrant, was taken into custody on Thursday. He has since been released on a $25,000 bond.

Bagley’s family has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Tyler.

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