Bulletproof Classrooms Added To Two Rooms Inside High School


West Elementary, a part of Cullman City Schools, in Alabama, has placed Rapid-Deploy Safe Room Systems inside of two of their classrooms. This is a bulletproof classroom. It is used to ensure the safety of students and the instructor if an active shooter enters the building.

After the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where nineteen students and two teachers lost their lives, KT Security Solutions created the design.

It can be described as a fold-out room that lengthens from a whiteboard, containing bulletproof walls. One door is secured from the inside and can only be unlocked with a key.

The safe room can be extended and put together within 10 seconds.

“In the unimaginable thought or action of a shooter, this is a safe place for the students or the teacher to get in,” stated Kyle Kallhoff. He is the superintendent of Cullman City Schools and was presented with the design by founder and CEO of KT Security Solutions Kevin Thomas, who came up with the system.

Some on social media have now shared their reactions.

“Just. Ban. The. F-king. Guns,” one person wrote.

“If this is what I had to send my son to every day, I’d just homeschool. How can the U.S think this is a good solution?” someone else wrote.

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