Burger King Employee, Who Hasn’t Missed A Day Of Work In 27 Years, Purchases A Home With GoFundMe Donations


A Burger King veteran who went viral after never missing a day of work in 27 years has just purchased a home. He did so by using the funds he was given through donations from people throughout the world whom he inspired.

On Dec. 29, Kevin Ford posted a recording on TikTok and Instagram, discussing the home that he had just closed on in Western Nevada.

“I’m trying to get through without crying, but I wanted to show you something, something you made possible. I know it’s not a mansion, but it is mine,” Ford stated.

In the recording, viewers can see his three bedroom, two bathroom, and outdoor deck, home.

In June 2022, a viral recording had shown Ford being given a gift from management for his commitment to his place of employment, Burger King. Ford had worked every single shift he was given for the last 27 years.

The gifts he received included a Starbucks reusable tumbler, a bag of Reese’s candy, pens, two rolls of Lifesavers, and other items. Ford displayed his gratefulness, but many people believed that he deserved more.

To honor him, his daughter Seryna, started a GoFundMe. It has raised almost $450,000 to date. Ford stated that he has used a great amount of the donation to purchase his home.

“I want to thank everyone all around the world for what you’ve done for me. Something I have never thought would be possible for me: homeownership,” he said. “Now my kids and my grandkids have someplace to come visit me.” He hadn’t seen them in four years.

Ford also says that he has used some of the money to buy his dream car. He gave some money to his daughter, too, so that she could purchase her own home.

Ford says that he has continued to maintain his attendance record at work, stating that he drive to work from his new residence is peaceful.


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