Concrete Truck Driver Admits to Doing Cocaine on Morning of Fatal School Bus Crash


The driver of the concrete truck that fatally crashed into a bus of Pre-K students admitted to using cocaine the morning of the accident.

42-year-old Jerry Hernandez, identified as the truck driver, was taken to St. David’s South Austin Medical Center for treatment of his injuries following the crash.

A trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety met him there.

Hernandez informed the trooper that he had smoked marijuana at approximately 10 p.m. the night before the accident. He also admitted to only getting 3 hours of sleep before getting behind the wheel.

According to court documents, Hernandez also told the trooper that he swerved to avoid a vehicle in front of him that suddenly braked. However, witness statements and video evidence do not support his claim.

The fatal accident claimed the lives of 2 people, 5-year-old Ulises Rodriguez Montoya and 33-year-old Ryan Wallace.

Records show Hernandez was previously charged in 2006 for driving without a license.

In regards to the fatal crash, charges have not been filed against him at this time.

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