Cop arrested in Florida for using dead man’s credit card for hotel and Wendy’s

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Dianne Ferreira took pictures of a deceased man’s credit card and then used it to pay for a hotel stay and eyelash extensions, said police.

Dianne Ferreira, 25, a St. Cloud Patrol Officer, responded to a 911 call of a man in cardiac arrest,  emergency crews found the man dead on arrival.

The victim’s wife noticed suspicious charges on a credit card bill weeks later and alerted police.

Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez said Wednesday that Ferreira admitted to taking pictures of the victim’s card and storing them on a device.

She made several food purchases and a hotel stay.

Dianne Ferreira
Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

In addition, Ferreira tried to use the card for eyelash extensions and gas, those charges were declined after the victim’s wife notified the issuer.

Investigators obtained a description of the thief’s car and later realized that it matched Ferreira’s vehicle.

She was arrested on several fraud charges and her position as a patrol officer was terminated.

“Do I think this was her first time doing this?’ asked  Lopez. “Probably not, because you have to be a pretty cold-hearted person to go to someone’s house where her husband or her loved one has passed away and go in and try to take snapshots of a credit card. That’s pretty cold. Pretty ruthless.”

Ferreira confessed to the theft when confronted by investigators, Lopez said.

St. Cloud Police Chief Douglas Goerke said the betrayal damaged his department’s hard-earned reputation among local residents.


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