Councilman Spews Racial Slur At Meeting


A councilman in Alabama, who is Caucasian, was recorded using a racial slur. He was speaking to a black councilor while in a meeting.

Tommy Bryant, a Tarrant city council man, stood up from his seat. He then asked, ” Do we have  a house [ n-word] in here? Do we? Do we?”

In the recording, the 76 year-old was observed pointing to Veronica Freeman, a city councilwoman, who is black. Freeman, then started to sob.

Bryant stated that he only chose those words because, Wayman Newton, the Black mayor, said it before when talking about Freeman. He stated that the mayor also called her, “stupid.”

Bryant said that he wanted everyone to know what kind of language the mayor uses.

“I did what needed to be done,” Bryant said.

He gave no further comment as to if he was talking about Freeman when he used the n-word.


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