Couple With The Same Birthday Delivers Twins On Their Birthday


31-year-old Scierra Blair and 32-year-old Jose Ervin are a couple from Ohio. They have the same birthday, and coincidentally, they welcomed twins on their birthday.

On August 18, the pair welcomed a son and a daughter. That date just happens to be their parents birthdays, as well. Jose Ervin III and Ar’ria Ervin were born right after midnight.

The couple began dating last year after their birthdays. Ervin stated that he didn’t believe that they shared the same birthday until Scierra showed him her identification.

“The whole month of August, I said, I would love for them to be born on our birthdays. But I said our kids being born on our birthday, that’s unique. All of us celebrating together. That’s beautiful,” Ervin stated.

Blair said that she is already planning how the four of them will celebrate their birthdays next year. “I’m big on traveling, so if I could leave the state or country, that’d be a nice thing. I love being on the water. I don’t know what it is, but I love how it feels.”

The twins were supposed to be born on August 28, but they were delivered by cesarean as Blair was urged to do as a checkup took place on August 17.

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