Customer Leaves $1400 Tip At A Colorado Bakery With Message Saying “Covid Sucks”


A very generous customer places joyful spirits of an entire Bakery after tipping a very large amount, enough to send the seven employees’ home with $200.00.
A customer, naming himself the “COVID Bandit’, surprised the entire staff at Notchop Bakery & Café with a $1400 tip on Jan 20.
Nailya Khametvalieva, the owner of the bakery, stated that the COVID Bandit was a regular, and Gloria Fuentes just happened t o be the server on that day.
The “COVID Bandit”, was curious to know how many employees was working that day, then calculated that into his massive tip.
At the top of the ticket, COVID Bandit wrote “COVID Sucks! $200 for each employee today.”
The restaurant industry has been hit the hardest since this pandemic hit. According to news reports, several customers have been leaving a number of large tips at their favorite restaurant establishments.
What this customer did was just the latest examples of selflessness, which came right on time for Fuentes. She explained individuals’ workings as servers amid this pandemic has been extremely hard for everyone.
“You have to take it one day at a time and you don’t know what’s going to happen next.” Fuentes told news reporters.
The staff at Notchop Bakery & Café showed their appreciation by posing for a photo and posting it, along with the receipt, on their social media page.
“Thank you ‘COVID Bandit’ for your generous gift to our staff, “the post stated. “Your gift has touched many lives.”

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