Dallas City Council Approves $13.7 Million In Relief Funds To Help With Rent And Mortgage


The Dallas City Council on Wednesday approved $13.7 million in relief to help pay rent, mortgages and utilities for most residents who earn less than the median income in North Texas.
Many people have lost their jobs or have had their paychecks cut in half and because of this they are unable to pay bills.
Dallas has decided to try and help with this by assisting with the rental process and pay up to three months in mortgage.
The requirements to qualify for this program, is for example, imagine a person who lives alone.
If this person makes $46,550 they would qualify.
Another way this program helps others out is allowing six months of rental assistance for individuals at or below fifty percent of their income. What this means is that if a person was to earn below $219,000 they would qualify for assistance.
This program works by the tenants requesting for the relief by applying with the city, but the relief aid goes directly to the landlord automatically paying rent.

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