Deadly San Bernardino School Shooting


Cedric Anderson, 53, a resident of Riverside near San Bernardino California has gone into North Park Elementary school and fatally shot his estranged wife Karen Elaine Smith, 53, along with two students and himself.
Evidentially the couple had been having problems and were separated at the time of the incident according to San Bernardino police chief Jarrod Burgan and Anderson went up to the school, checked on with the front office and proceeded to th special needs classroom in which his wife was teaching.
Once in the classroom Anderson pulled out what appeared to be a .357 caliber revolver out and opened fire and shot Smith along with two students and then turned the gun and shot himself.
One of the students Jonathan Martinez,8, was airlifted to Lima Linda University Medical Center where he later died and the other student ,9, who’s name was not revealed has been listed in stable condition. Deputy Chief says he does not believe the students were the targets they were just near the teacher during the time of the shooting.


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