Detroit Police Officer Promoted Despite 85 Complaints


85 citizen complaints, mostly from people of color, have been filed against Sgt Stephen Kue of Detroit. He has been with the police department for12 years.

An attorney is suing Kue and the department for a man she thinks was wrongly shot at and apprehended.

A consistency in the complaints found that he is often accused of using demeaning language, using the N word and threatening or excessive force.

In 2018, he was almost terminated after he discharged his weapon in a drug sting even though he said that he didn’t. Later, Kue would say he just didn’t remember.

The whole drug case had to be dropped because of the untruthfulness. A disciplinary sergeant suggested Kue be fired, but his commanding officer dropped the entire case. Three months later, Kue obtained a promotion.

After an investigation aired on tv, Detroit Police Department’s interim chief put Kue on administrative leave.



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