Ex-Mortuary Employee Charged For Selling Body Parts For Over $10K


36-year-old Candace Chapman Scott, an ex-mortuary employee, pleaded not guilty in connection to stolen body parts from medical school cadavers. She is accused of selling the body parts to a man from Pennsylvania whom she met online. She is said to have sold the parts for nearly $11,000.

Scott pleaded not guilty to mail fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, interstate transportation of stolen property, and conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property. She is in custody and is expected to face a court hearing regarding bail on Tuesday.

Scott was employed at the Arkansas Central Mortuary Services. Her job was to embalm, transport, and cremate remains. The location is used for cadavers that have been donated to science at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The man who is said to have bought the body parts has been identified as Jeremy Lee Pauley.

After Scott and Pauley met, Scott sold Pauley fetuses, brains, hearts, lungs, genitalia, skin, and other body parts over a nine-month period, officials say.

Messages recovered by authorities show that in Dec. 2021, Scott offered multiple body parts to Pauley for sale. These included two brains, 3 hearts, two fake boobies, one large belly button piece of skin, and one lung for $1,600. Records show that the next day, Pauley sent Scott $1,600 through PayPal.

Pauley has been charged with receiving stolen property, dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities, receiving stolen property, and abuse of a corpse. He is out on bail right now and is expected to have a court date again on June 7.


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