Fake Miami Dolphins Player Has Been Playing White Women For Years


I’m sure everyone remembers the “supposed” Miami Dolphins player who said “that black women weren’t coachable, were stubborn, argumentative and that’s why rick black athletes marry white women..
Well come to find out his name is Ricardo Agnant aka Maserati Rick and he is NOT a Miami Dolphins player and in fact he isn’t even a par of the NFL.
According to Black Sports Online Agnant has been scamming women for at least 3 years.
Evidentially Maserati Rick got inside of the NFL Regional Combine back in 2014 and has been scamming white women into making them believe he was a real NFL player. Agnant went so far as to go to luxury car dealerships and test drive their cars and take pictures to post on his social media as if they were his vehicles and had lots of money. He also would post photos at “training camp” or out on the field but blur them out so you could not see his face nor his number.
The things and lengths that people go to for fame is ridiculous I wonder what these women that he’s scammed will have to say about this once they all find out.

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