Five Police Officers Sued For Excessive Force After Pushing Man To The Ground, Face First


A lawsuit has been filed against five Kansas City, Missouri, police officers, accusing them of excessive force.

One of the allegations is that one of the officers forced a man to the ground, face first. It also alleges that two of them deceived authorities on a report, and that none of them turned their body cam on until after the man was already on the ground.

The incident occurred on Aug. 8, 2022, at close to 10 p.m. Then, police had fatally shot a man at the Phillips 66 on Prospect Ave.

The plaintiff noted that police kept him inside of the store for many hours as the shooting investigation ensued.

The lawsuit states that after he was able to exit the store, he stayed in the parking lot, close to the shooting scene.

Officers told him that he was too close, so he backed up to leave the area. Police stated that he wasn’t listening to commands, so they apprehended him. He was then pushed to the ground which caused him to bleed tremendously.

In their reports, two officers wrote that the reason the man fell was because he was resisting arrest.

On the other hand, the lawsuit states that a recording from the store and from a witness revealed that he wasn’t moving his arms around as described.

The personal injury suit claims that the man “experienced bodily injury, pain and suffering, facial disfigurement and numbness, headaches, and PTSD.”

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