Former Duncanville Student Keeps Promise To 4th Grade Teacher After Making It To The NFL

Courtesy: X/ Ennis Rakestraw Jr

A former Duncanville student made it to the NFL and made a promise to his fourth grade teacher that if he made it he would talk about him, and that’s exactly what he did.

Ennis Rakestraw, Jr., from Duncanville, was drafted to the NFL’s Detroit Lions. Ennis spoke his world into existence in the fourth grade.

In 2012 Derek Gammon was teaching fourth grade at a Duncanville elementary school and on the last day he said Ennis snuck back in his class and left him a letter.

Gammon who is now a principal at Anna May Daulton Elementary says he recalls bonding with Ennis all the way through college and remembers him being a big hearted kid.

On the second day of the NFL draft Gammon was invited to join Ennis’s family and friends at a party where they all waited for the “call” to come in.

Ennis kept his word and posted the letter to social media where it was shared and liked by thousands of people.

Gammon went on to say “Kids remember how we made them feel, playing with them at recess, how we took interest in them, how we’d go to their games, their recitals,” he said. “It’s a piece that goes unrecognized sometimes in education that teachers will do anything for our kids.”

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