Gun-Carrying ‘Karen’ Fired From Job After Degrading Business Owner Who Terminated Her Daughter


A business owner in Georgia says the mother of a fired worker approached her at the establishment with a firearm at her side in order to scare her.

A video depicts the incident. It shows the upset mother walking towards the back of the counter at FRIO Rolled Ice Cream shop in Covington, Georgia. The mother had demanded that Alicia Sanders place her signature on a work-study form.

The viral video has resulted in the woman, who has been called a “Karen” by Sanders, being terminated from her job.

“I don’t trust you. You can’t even face my daughter and fire her in person. You couldn’t even face her…you didn’t have the balls to face her and tell her you were firing her ’cause  you were chickensh–t.'”

Sanders expressed that she terminated Debra Johnson’s daughter 3 days prior to the confrontation. This was after getting multiple disrespectful text messages. She now thinks they came from her mother.

Johnson and Sanders were then having a disagreement about the girl’s schedule. This was subsequent to Johnson saying that Sanders had assigned the teenager to work on a day she is normally off. The angry mother then called Sanders a “passive-aggressive b–ch” and a “bully.”

Sanders called police and later took out a protective order. She stated that Johnson had a firearm on her and kept touching the weapon that was “on her side.”

An incident from March 30 was also captured on video by the shop owner. It showed Johnson, the children’s father, and two friends who had weapons on them at the property. She says that Johnson revealed a bullet from a gun she had just bought. Sanders thought it was was all to scare the Black business owner.

She stated that now Johnson has sent her a cease- and-desist letter due to the recordings. Johnson says that the business owner “incited harassment” from viewers. It also added that her daughter’s license plate was exposed, and Sanders had been cyberbullying.

“She’s upset now because everybody now knows her for who she is,” Sanders said.

On Thursday, a judge decided that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to charge Johnson with trespassing and disorderly conduct. In addition to that, the judge dismissed the cyberbullying charge that Johnson had pressed against the shop owner.

“I am upset about the outcome because I feel like this is another step back in the pursuit of justice. It doesn’t send a lesson to the children that were present or the mother about consequences or the actions toward others,” Sanders noted.

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