Harvard Vows $100 Million To Address Its Part In Slavery


Harvard University has announced that they will spend $100 million to analyze and reconcile their part in slavery.

Lawrence Bacow, the school’s president, made the vow on Tuesday.

The announcement comes after a report was released. It notes the multiple ways in which the college became better because of slavery and sustained racial inequality.

When research was conducted, it was found that from 1636 to 1783, 70 Black and Native Americans were enslaved. This was done by Harvard’s faculty, staff, and leaders. For decades subsequent to that, individuals of Harvard still kept ideas of white supremacy going.

Besides just the findings, there were also recommendations that should take place now. One would be to establish a $100 million fund in order to create stronger bonds with historically Black Colleges and increase education in underserved communities.

Another recommendation calls for Harvard to locate direct descendants of individuals who were enslaved. Then, dialogue should take place, as well as, providing educational support.

Harvard is just a number of universities in the U.S. that is striving to recognize and try to repair their connections to slavery.


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