High School Senior Earns More Than $5 Million In Scholarships To Fund Education

Courtesy: WSAV-TV

A student in Liberty County, Georgia, is celebrating after making history in her school district by earning more than $1 million in scholarships.

“I never thought I could do this. Now that I am at $5 million, I see that schools are looking for kids like me who are eager to accomplish things in society like I am,” stated Madison Langley.

Madison has been involved in many organizations, including the yearbook committee, homecoming court, the cheer team, and many other organizations.

She has been accepted to 132 schools as her parents started taking her on college tours when she was in the seventh grade. Her mother stated that her goal was for her daughter to graduate without student loans.

“I’m very excited to be going to school to pursue my career in physical therapy,” Madison said. But, she noted that she would not have achieved these goals without her mom and dad and what they have named the “war board.”

“I wanted to do the dry erase board but that wasn’t going to help me to manage everything. So, we used excel spreadsheet, color-coded,” stated Madison’s mother, Melissa Langley.

Although they kept a tight count on each scholarship and college acceptance, the road to this point hasn’t been easy.

“My mom, in August,..she had a kidney transplant, and I  was home alone for a month,” Madison revealed. Her dad is currently deployed in Poland, right as she is in her senior year, but has still been very supportive in each step of this journey.

As a matter of fact, the two have made a running bet to determine how much money she will earn once the year comes to a close. They have decided on the amount of $6 million.

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