Indiana Man Accused Of Beating His Daughters Skull Until It Look Like A Cracked Egg Shell


Police arrested a man Saturday after he allegedly told police he beat his infant daughter in the head because she wouldn’t stop crying.

Tosumba Welch,19, was arrested by authority’s after his 9 month old baby was taken to the hospital unresponsive and suffering from multiple seizures. 

Apparenty Welch told doctors that his daughter had fallen against a tv stand but as medical staff looked at the severity of the injuries they noticed fractures to the skull that resembled a cracked egg shell and multiple brain bleeds to the side and back of the head. Doctors then contacted Department of Child Services and Indiana State police.

When police arrived they spoke with Welch and he alledgedly admitted that he had been abusing the child for months now trying to stop the baby from crying. Detectives also said he told them that he started out squeezing the baby around 4 months and then when she turned 6 months he started punching her in the head repeatedly until she would stop crying.

Authorities took Welch into custody on three counts of felony domestic battery resulting in bodily injury and neglect of an infant resulting in serious bodily injury. Welch is currently being held in Greene County jail on $120,000 bond.

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