Iowa Fater Sentenced To Life After Son Dies Of Maggot Infestation


An Iowa father was sentenced to life in prison with no parole by a judge Tuesday for the death of his 4 month old son.
According to reports Zachary Paul Kohen,29 was accused for the death of his son Sterling Kohen back in 2017.
Police were called out to the home and when they arrived they found Sterling in a dark hot room sitting in a swing dehydrated with a maggot infested diaper that looked like it hadn’t been changed, deceased.
Kohen was arrested at the time and charged with first degree murder.
Medical examiners completed an autopsy and found the baby died from malnutrition, dehydration and a severe diaper rash infection caused by his diaper not being changed in 2 weeks.
The mother Cheyenne Harris,21 will have a separate trial and is set to appear in court January of 2019.

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