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Is It True Trump Wants To Do Away With Child Support??


So our president wants to do away with child support stating that mothers aren’t doing what they’re suppose to with the child and they’re still not allowing the child to see the other parent. Do you think this law being passed would make things better or worse?


  1. If women wanted TRUE EQUALITY? Then THIS is where to begin!

    NO PARENT should escape EQUAL EXPENSES and COSTS of raising and NURTURING their children!

    ONLY when one parent denies access of the children to the other parent or one parent fails to PAY THEIR EQUAL SHARE IN RAISING their children, then THAT parent needs to be imprisoned, then released and made to CATCH UP the expenses! Unless a parent is PROVEN BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT to be CRIMINALLY or MENTALLY UNFIT should they ever lose custody! Not by False Allegations, Irreconcilable Differences, “It’s For The Child” crap and all this feminized BS that the left wingers have been feeding America for the past 45 years!

    Hell? Give me a black robe, a courtroom and a gavel! I can give a 15 minute divorce/custody hearing that would make parents run to marriage counseling and begin to act like adults and actually FIGHT to keep their marriages together!

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