Jacques Smith Pleads Guilty To Murdering Two Sisters, Receives Life Sentence Plus 35 Years In Prison


Jacques Dshawn Smith, the man from Rowlett who killed two sisters in a dorm at Texas A&M Commerce three years ago, has been given his punishment.

Smith was sentenced to life in prison, plus 35 years in prison. This was for the February 2, 2020 killings of Abbaney Matts and her sister, Deja Matts. Deja had been enrolled as a student at the institution. Additionally, Abbaney is said to have dated Smith before the killings occurred.

Smith was set to go to trial in June but had pled guilty instead.

Smith’s lawyer had attempted to get some evidence to be invalidated. She had stated that Smith’s constitutional rights had been taken away from him as an investigation into the killings had gone on.

However, several law enforcement agencies worked together to ensure a conviction.

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