Jeff Bezos To Open Over A Dozen, Tuition-Free Preschools In Texas

Courtesy: Amazon

A new chain of preschools in Texas is searching for students. The great part about it is that it is free for parents and their children to enroll.

Jeff Bezos, the billionaire Amazon founder, is opening 10 preschools in Texas, and there will be no cost.

“He credits having a Montessori preschool education for really setting him and his family up for success. And when he was determining what avenues that he wanted to use to spend his money, this was right at the top of his list,” stated a representative for Bezos Academy.

There are schools in Old East Dallas, North Dallas, Lancaster, and Cockrell Hill. There will also be some in Denton and Oak Cliff.

Houston and San Antonio have schools, as well as, other campuses throughout the country.

To be enrolled, there is a lottery that takes place first. Bezos Academy is for children ages three to five years old, and classes meet five days a week.

As of now, applications are open until Monday, May 13.

The North Dallas campus contains four classrooms and can take up to 80 children. It opened in November 2023.

Recent research has found that not having affordable childcare is costing Texans over $11 billion dollars per year. Parents aren’t able to work due to preschool being too expensive or not existing in some Texas neighborhoods.

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