Kraft Will Give You $20 For Not Baking Cheesecake For The Holidays


Kraft is running low on cream cheese, so they have decided to do something about it.

Over the holidays, some people may spend $20 on dessert, and Kraft, the maker of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, will pay for it. The offer is for a limited amount of individuals who can’t make cheesecakes because of the cream cheese shortage.

The process starts with people who are interested, visiting a website that Kraft created. On December 17 and 18, up to 18,000 people will be chosen to be eligible for reimbursement for a holiday dessert. A few weeks later, they can send their receipts to Kraft.

Kraft is attempting to lessen the impact of the cream cheese shortage, but they also don’t want customers to forget about the product. Kraft has said that people desiring more cream cheese during the pandemic has affected their supply. Additionally, more people baking and eating at home rose 18%, last year. Restaurants have been placing more orders of cream cheese, as well.

Kraft has stated that they are putting more money into Philadelphia Cream Cheese to raise production amounts.


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