Landlord Arrested After Hidden Cameras Used To Spy On 12-Year-Old Girl Were Found In Home


61-year-old Bruce Wayne Grady, a landlord in Florida, was apprehended following accusations of him hiding small cameras to look at a 12-year-old girl.

Grady has been charged with video voyuerism.

Authorities in Martin County stated that the hidden cameras where found when the girl attempted to plug in appliances in her bedroom and bathroom. However, they wouldn’t go in the socket. She then discovered a shiny object in the grounding section of the outlet. It was found to be cameras.

It wasn’t hard to figure out that the cameras had been put there by the landlord. He had previously been approached about entering the apartment without prior notification. He had claimed that he had been doing electrical work, the family stated.

Investigators seized Grady’s cellular device to figure out how long he had been recording the girl. The family had lived there since September 2020. They added that the cameras were linked to WiFi, enabling a live feed to his phone.

Discovered on his device were images of the girl in her bathing suit and a password-protected folder. He provided authorities with the password.

Grady confessed to detectives that he had hidden the cameras in the residence and looked at the camera footage through the LookCam app.

The victim’s mother said that Grady was arrested but bonded out the following day.

“I just want to get justice for my daughter. He bonded out the next day…I just feel like she needs justice.”

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