Man Arrested For Killing Woman’s Dog After She Rejected Him


A Las Vegas man was arrested for allegedly killing a woman’s dog after she rejected him.

Jonathan Littleton allegedly kicked a woman’s 15-year-old poodle in its backyard, killing it. In the report filed with the Las Vegas Police Department on June 16, the woman claimed Littleton killed her dog because she didn’t have dinner with him.

Further details revealed that Littleton showed up at the woman’s house and wanted to speak with her. When she refused to let him in through her backyard, Littleton started yelling and kicked the poodle out of anger, before leaving.

When the woman ran to check on her dog, she found it lying on the ground, dead.

Officers arrived at Littleton’s residence the day after the woman filed the report. Initially, he ignored the officer’s knock at his door until they told him he was under arrest. His response was, “I plead the 5th.”

Littleton was charged with torturing/maiming/killing an animal to threaten or terrorize. He was taken to the Clark County Detention Center and later released on a $3,000 bail.


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