Man Arrested For The Murder Of Texas High School Cheerleader, 16-Year-Old Lizbeth Medina


On Sunday, authorities announced that an “undocumented” man had been apprehended for the killing of a Texas High School cheerleader. Last week, she was discovered dead in her bathtub after not being present for an event with her squad.

On Saturday, Rafael Romero was taken into custody in Schulenburg, Texas. He is facing murder charges in the death of Lizbeth Medina, 16, in the city of Edna.

Authorities and the Texas Rangers located Romero after many hours of investigating but haven’t provided details surrounding the killing or whether Romero and Medina were familiar with each other.

On Dec. 5, the teen was discovered in a bathtub in her residence by her mother after not reporting to a Christmas parade with the rest of her squad.

The mother had reported that she had thought her daughter’s killing was connected to a recent break-in at their apartment.

Authorities had released camera footage of the suspect who had on a “Volcom” sweatshirt and had a unique tattoo behind one of his ears.

That description seemed to match the mugshot of Romero.


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