Man Charged In The Death Of 19-Year-Old Sade Robinson After Her Severed Leg Is Discovered In Park

PhotoCredit: Associated Press

Maxwell Anderson has been officially charged after being the person of interest into an investigation, regarding a severed leg in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Anderson has been jailed since Thursday, April 4. He has been charged with first- degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and arson of property other than a building.

The charges are all connected to the disappearance and death of 19-year-old Sade C. Robinson. She had been missing since Monday, April 1. Records show that Robinson and Anderson had been in some type of relationship, and the two had gone out on a date on April 1st.

Communications between the pair revealed that they intended to meet at Twisted Fisherman, a seafood restaurant located in Milwaukee.

A video recording shows the two exiting the restaurant together just prior to 6:30 p.m.

Court documents revealed that on April 2, Robinson’s mother tracked her daughter’s phone through the Life360 app. She then saw that the device had gone from the area close to Anderson’s residence, to 40th and Oklahoma. Eventually, it had gone to S. Sheridan Drive, prior to the battery dying.

Also on April 2, a leg was discovered in Warnimont Park. Detectives stated that the leg seemed to have been cut off. Additionally, DNA analysis showed that the leg was Robinson’s.

When a search of Anderson’s residence was conducted, blood, on the bed and on the walls going down into the basement, was discovered.

While searching the area close to where Robinson’s burnt vehicle had been discovered, on the weekend of April 5, a foot was found. A piece a flesh, also appearing to belong to the same person, was discovered near train tracks there, as well.

It was shown that Anderson was caught on Milwaukee County Transit system camera leaving away from Robinson’s burning vehicle. Bystanders told detectives that they observed Anderson throwing a lighter into the driver’s door window. The detectives say the attire Robinson was wearing on April 1 was in the trunk of her vehicle.

Anderson will appear in court again on Friday.


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