Man Found Fatally Shot Inside Residence


Dallas police are investigating a shooting that left a man dead inside his residence.
Officers responded to a call on the 5600 block of Spring Valley Rd.
Upon arrival they found the victim, Ladwight Tremell Mitchell,27 unresponsive from apparent gunshot wounds.
DFR arrived and pronounced the victim dead at the scene.
Suspects fled before officers could arrive.
Detectives are working to see what led up to the shooting.


  1. Marvin Gaye sang it. Brother Brother Brother thetes far too many of you dying. Mother mother mother far too many of you crying. Weve got to find a way. Too bring some loving here today..Were losing far to many to the streets, prison and graveyards. Its time to put down these guns. Cant they see before open carry and after open. Guns in the hands of out young your are only wiping out our generation. Need more Biblical teacing, education and less easy access to guns. Anger management is a good start.


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