Man Hides Gun Inside Of His Rectum During Arrest


32-year-old Christopher Boyd Jr., from Evansville, Indiana, is facing multiple charges. This comes after authorities say they discovered a firearm hidden inside him at a jail.

On Monday morning, police saw a vehicle with a license plate that couldn’t be seen clearly.

When they pulled Boyd over, he agreed to allow them to search him. They then discovered a tiny bag of pills inside of Boyd’s sock.

When police kept searching him, they requested that he spread his legs. However, he didn’t spread them very far, stating that he was suffering from a spine injury and couldn’t.

When Boyd was placed in the backseat of of a patrol car, he moved around a lot and took off his seatbelt.

When they arrived to the jail, Boyd began to walk limp, and when he went through a Body Scanner at the jail, a large object was seen.

Authorities say that they discovered two bags of marijuana tucked between Boyd’s legs. They added that they also took a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 from inside of Boyd’s butt.

After running a criminal background check on Boyd, it was shown that he had previously been convicted for attempted murder, burglary, and domestic battery.

Boyd was placed in the Vanderburg County Jail. He is facing charges for gun, intimidation, and resisting offenses.


  1. 😳Now wait just a minute.. in his butt or between his butt cheeks because why he wasn’t bleeding shoving a 380 in his butt🤔

  2. “What”, i have too many questions about this part this man had a 380 stuck up his butt and no bleeding 🤔🤔 🤔💭 I’m missing something here.

  3. Ok i looked up the type of gun he had “IN him” how TF did he get that IN there to begin with ?!? Its short and SQUARE…. Hell, Its not even really pointed !! What would of happened of he accidentally coughed the wrong way…lol ?? And lastly, what was his plan to get that mfer out of him IF he had successfully smuggled it inside ?!? LMAO !!! Just wow 😳… Lol what is wrong with these people man !?!

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