Man Robbed Bank While Wearing Ankle MonitorAnd Giving Demand Note On Back Of His Birth Certificate


Authorities say that 30-year-old Michael C. Loyd, of Missouri, robbed a bank as he was wearing an ankle monitor. He wanted to “prove a point,” following a fight with his girlfriend.

Detectives say that the boyfriend used a highlighter to write a demand letter on the back of his birth certificate.

The note read, “Give Your Money Now. Don’t Say Anything. I Have A Partner Outside.” He then gave the note to a teller at a Bank of America branch in Springfield on July 20.

Loyd has now pleaded guilty to one count of bank robbery, a Nov. 17 release stated.

He confessed to stealing from the bank in his signed plea agreement. Loyd had been wearing a gray cut-off T-shirt, showing several tattoos, with blue gym shorts and one orange shoe, at the time of the robbery.

After taking the money, he left the location in a black Dodge Ram pickup truck, officials stated.

A tipster, the boyfriend of Loyd’s roommate, contacted authorities stating that they believed that Loyd was the person who had robbed the bank and provided his possible whereabouts. This was after Loyd had texted his roommate, requesting that they listen to the police scanner.

Eventually, Loyd was captured at a residence in a mobile home park.

Authorities say that the ankle monitor that he had on validated that he was at the bank when it was robbed.

When questioned, Loyd stated that he was unaware of how much money he had taken as he had thrown money out the window when he saw police heading toward the bank after the robbery.

The bank noted that they had lost $754 during the occurrence.

Documents note that Loyd could face a 20- year prison sentence.

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