Man Sentenced To 50 Years In Prison After Putting Antifreeze In His Infant Daughter’s Bottle


Curtis Jack, a father from Georgia, has been given a 50-year prison sentence. This comes after a jury in Fulton County, Georgia, found him guilty of poisoning breast milk for his infant daughter. He is said to have done so with antifreeze.

Jack has been charged with felony criminal attempt to commit murder and felony first-degree cruelty to children. He will be required to serve 40 years of his sentence behind bars.

On October 16, 2020, Jack was apprehended after his 18-day-old daughter tested positive for ethylene glycol. This is a chemical substance often inside of automotive antifreeze. It was found as the newborn was at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Scottish Rite Hospital.

Reports indicate that Jack and a colleague were the parents to the infant who was born on September 24, 2020. However, Jack had wanted the woman to end the pregnancy. The pair had been in an intimate relationship since the beginning of that year.

Jack confessed to investigators that he put antifreeze into bottles of breast milk that he retrieved on October 1, 2020, from the child’s mother. She had remained in the hospital following giving birth.

Afterwards, he transported the tainted bottles to the baby’s grandmother who had also been taking care of the infant at the time.

Not even a day later, the baby became seriously ill, and it was believed that she had been poisoned, authorities say.

At the trial, the baby’s mother and grandmother spoke, as well as, law enforcement officers and medical experts. A display of how simple it was to place the antifreeze in the breast milk was also shown to the jury.

On Friday morning, Jack was placed in the Fulton County Jail.

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