Man Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison For Robbing Undercover Police Officer


When a firearm deal was going on, a man from Chicago used a machine gun to rob an undercover police officer. Now, Cortez Price, 24, has been given about 8 years in prison.

Earlier this year, Price pleaded guilty to federal firearm charges. Prosecutors said that he was involved with a firearm deal with the undercover officer on May 2, 2022.

After arriving at a drug store parking lot, Price went into the officer’s car and received about $2,000 in cash for the weapon. However, Price didn’t give the weapon in exchange but put a ‘switch’ device on the firearm. This made the weapon a fully automatic machine gun. Price then got out of the car with the cash and left the location.

Later, he was found at a home close by.

Prosecutors added that Price had sold a firearm to an undercover officer three times prior to this occurrence, as well. He even bragged about the exchanges via social media.


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